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Husam Kinawi, Chief Scientist Dr. Kinawi has a PhD and MSc in Computer Science from the Universities of Calgary, Canada and London, UK. In 1997, he co-founded Mpower Technologies Inc., a wireless telecommunications software company. In 1999, Dr. Kinawi co-founded (NASDAQ: AIQT), a Boston-based e-Business applications firm. Dr. Kinawi has over seventeen years of research and development experience working with industry leaders such as Newbridge (Alcatel), Siemens, United Technologies, and Apple in the areas of distributed information systems, embedded applications and wireless Internet solutions. Dr. Kinawi has also spoken at several major conferences, published several research papers, and is the holder of several patents in the area of mobile and wireless devices.

WannaCry, Erebus, Petya Variants – Are You Ready For The Next MALWARE Attack? WedgeAMB Will Protect You!

We have seen a number of large scale attacks leveraging the recently published NSA tools and exploits. The latest attack seems very similar to the Petya virus which used a Ransomware-as-a-Service platform making it available to a wide range of … Continue reading

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Breaking Bread with SPIEs!

Lunch two Thursdays ago was a unique experience.  We got to meet and present to Calgary‘s SPIE – a special interest group made up of the who-is-who in Calgary’s Internet Security Profession.  Calgary, Canada’s Oil Capital, and without a doubt, companies … Continue reading

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“Here you have” it… Yet-Another-Adobe-Exploit and why we need accuracy!

I have been away for a much needed holiday, spending quality time with my in-laws.  Apart from the typical gastronomical splurging (what else – Swiss chocolates, Swiss Cheese, etc.), holidays are a good time to reflect.  Trains and Europe go … Continue reading

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Come On, Wanna Pet My Pet Hamster?

Remember the days when Mom told you not to speak to strangers, even if they were friendly and offering you candy or petting their pet hamsters?  This week’s events sure brought about those memories.  Here are the top three events that … Continue reading

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And it is not just the antenna…

The new iPhone 4.0 is a piece of art, a handheld device which Andrew Berg of Wireless Week elegantly termed as ‘beautifuly flawed‘.  Surprisingly, another report that went out un-noticed by mainstream media, unless you are in the Security business, … Continue reading

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Today’s Patch Tuesday highlights Windows Help and Support Center can be a popular source of vulnerabilities

Today’s Patch Tuesday marks two key events – the first, for the first time Microsoft is able to provide a 33 day turn around patch to a zero-day attack. And the second, is how protocol handlers can be a popular source of vulnerabilties. Continue reading

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