COVID-19 Has Employees Working From Home: Is Your Organization’s Remote Access Secure?

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COVID-19’s effect on the global business community has now become far reaching.  WFH (Work From Home) is now a typical part of the lexicon as organizations around the world try to stem the spread of the virus amongst their workforce.  As such, a lot of more of the recent digital blogs that we’ve come across now offer a wide variety of tips to employees working from home, in an effort to ensure that they’re protected from hackers and scammers while they work outside the security walls of their organizations.  One such blog from Kim Komando, brings up a few good points to put those working from home on their guard so that they don’t get scammed.  Hackers and scammers are getting very adept at using easily gotten tools such as key loggers to obtain confidential information and even AI technology to spoof the voices of those you would normally trust in order to trick you into doing things that you shouldn’t.  Without the added protection of the organization’s internal network protections, many of those who WFH are left wide open potential threats as many are not adequately trained on, nor are they adept at enabling IT Security at home.

At least many of the better funded and more adept organizations out there can help protect their staff, even when they work from home, by providing them access to the company’s network through VPN.  Or, they can ensure that their company issued devices have built-in firewalls in order to offer at least some protection by allowing direct access to the company’s servers and data.  The only downfall is that if the company’s network does not have adequate security services, end-users could still be open to attack and potential threats.

The great news is that in this ever-growing WFH requirement, there is a solution available to organizations that provide 100% secure remote access to their employees.  Wedge now offers “PlanV”, a Secure Remote Office Solution that enables productivity and security for those working from home.  For those organizations who already have VPN infrastructures in place, Wedge’s Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP) platform can be easily deployed in their VPN cloud to protect ALL connected systems.  Meanwhile, organizations who currently do not have a VPN infrastructure available, can work with Wedge’s professional services group to quickly set up remote offices with Microsoft Azure vWAN, secured by WedgeARP.

PlanV offers organizations several benefits, including:
1) providing workers access to workplace systems to achieve the same level of productivity as if they were in the office,
2) enabling real-time threat protection for both home offices as well as the corporate infrastructure, and
3) economically lowering commute, bandwidth and office space costs while still managing network access and security centrally; blocking any and all malware before it can enter into the network.

To find out more about how your organization can protect its workers as they are being forced to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, contact the Wedge Team at:  Our team can ensure that your organization’s remote access is secure, giving your IT Staff one less thing to worry about during this unprecedented global pandemic.

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