Popular Anti-Malware Products Are Failing to Recognize Notable Threats: Time to Replace Out With WedgeARP!!

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A brief but interesting article happened across my desk that made me pause and ponder the state of the popular and established cybersecurity solutions currently on the market.  Namely, the article from ITProPortal.com  that declared that “Half of anti-malware products fail to recognize notable threats”.  According to new analysis from SE Labs, many of the most popular and well-established solutions currently on the market do not protect their users from all notable threats.  In recent testing, the security firm put 14 of the world’s most popular cybersecurity solutions to task, with more than half of these products failing to identify all the threats sent their way.   The only notable exceptions to this shortcoming were products from Microsoft and Kaspersky Labs; both of which scored 100 percent on the tests.

What was interesting is that SE Labs pointed out that “Although we do ‘create’ threats by using publicly available free hacking tools, we don’t write unique malware so there is no technical reason why any vendor being tested should do poorly.”  In its testing, the firm used common threats that affect the general public as well as more targeted forms of attacks.  To us here at Wedge Networks, this is somewhat of a shocking revelation as we feel that if a virus is known and has a signature, it should be easily detected and blocked.

Now, with their failings in recognizing notable threats, one can only imagine how badly these products would fare with the new and never-before-seen malware that are being used by hackers and bad actors today!  If your firm is currently using some of the more popular cybersecurity solutions, you may want to do some research on whether your solution was one of the products that SE Labs tested.  If it is, you may want to consider replacing it out with Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP).  WedgeARP uses patented deep content inspection and orchestrates multiple layers of security protection, including conventional and heuristics-based AV technologies (utilizing their full databases, unlike many solutions who are only able to use portions of the databases!).  This is just to catch the already known malware!  On top of that, it further enhances these AV technologies with deep machine learning / AI AV that can detect and block all of the unknown and never-before-seen malware and other variants.  WedgeARP does this all in milliseconds; enabling real-time threat prevention of all known and unknown malware threats.  If more than half of the more established cybersecurity solutions are failing on the simple task of detecting known threats, perhaps they are now past their prime.  To learn more about WedgeARP and how it can provide real-time threat prevention of both known and unknown malware, contact us at info@wedgenetworks.com.

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Husam Kinawi, Chief Scientist Dr. Kinawi has a PhD and MSc in Computer Science from the Universities of Calgary, Canada and London, UK. In 1997, he co-founded Mpower Technologies Inc., a wireless telecommunications software company. In 1999, Dr. Kinawi co-founded ActiveIq.com (NASDAQ: AIQT), a Boston-based e-Business applications firm. Dr. Kinawi has over seventeen years of research and development experience working with industry leaders such as Newbridge (Alcatel), Siemens, United Technologies, and Apple in the areas of distributed information systems, embedded applications and wireless Internet solutions. Dr. Kinawi has also spoken at several major conferences, published several research papers, and is the holder of several patents in the area of mobile and wireless devices.
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