Over 1/4 of UK Firms Have Been Victims of Ransomware Over the Past Year: Could These Attacks Have Been Prevented?

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A recent InfoSecurity Magazine article was published recently that highlighted how dire the Ransomware situation is getting; particularly in the UK.  According to figures released by data backup firm Databarracks, over 28% of UK organizations have been hit by ransomware over the past 12 months.  According to them, “This is slightly lower than the peak of 29% in 2017, the year WannaCry hit, but much higher than the 2016 figure of 16%.”

While Databarracks highly recommends that the only way organizations can fully protect themselves is by having historic backup copies of their data, their opinion is that outright prevention is not viable.  We, at Wedge, do concur with their suggestion for having backups, but we also strongly believe that outright prevention actually IS possible.  And, in the long run, is a much more cost-effective way for organizations to protect themselves.

We invite Databarracks to look at our approach where instead of looking at remediation efforts, after the fact, we have focused squarely on prevention with our “Detect and Block” approach.  To quote Benjamin Franklin, we feel that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  That goes the same with cybersecurity.  It will cost a firm much more to go through a remediation process than it would to simply have a solution in place that can detect and block any and ALL advanced threats, zero-days and other never-before-seen malware.  If malicious content can’t make its way into your network, then it can’t cause any harm.

The way we do it is with our Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection platform, on which the Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker is based.  This solution can SEE all content flowing through the network and can detect and block malicious content in real-time as a result of multiple patented technologies such as Deep Content Inspection, all orchestrated with the industry’s best-of-breed services, combined with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.  By having the ability to block all advanced threats, such as ransomware, in real-time, BEFORE they can even reach the endpoint, it takes away the ability to lock up data and shut down the network.

WedgeAMB is a proven solution that can actually PREVENT attacks.  If you’re interested in learning more, we offer a FREE 90 day trial to any and all organizations who are like-minded and who believe that if they can prevent attacks, they’ll be better off.  Contact us at: info@wedgenetworks.com to learn more!

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