Wedge Networks Seeks U.S. Channel for Content Security

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To jumpstart its partner program, Wedge Networks is offering resellers’ customers a 45-day trial of its full security suite through its “Instant-On Program”, which is designed to expedite the evaluation period as well as identify vulnerabilities in the customer environment to ease the sale. The trial is run from a virtual machine or from the cloud. Barry George, the VP Global Sales at Wedge, said it takes about an hour to set up and 24 hours to get enough data for diagnostics. Typically, Wedge Networks’ software finds 20-22 percent more issues than do firewalls or UTM systems alone, he said.

Wedge Networks also provides partners with co-op marketing funds and discounts on annual software licenses. Full discounts are recognized on renewals. Partners also can resell Wedge Networks’ professional services and its support contract for a discount. Click here to read the full article.


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