Come On, Wanna Pet My Pet Hamster?

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Remember the days when Mom told you not to speak to strangers, even if they were friendly and offering you candy or petting their pet hamsters?  This week’s events sure brought about those memories.  Here are the top three events that would have duped some of the most advanced users:     

1. Microsoft “Fake” Anti Virus ProgramTom Kelchner of Sunbelt Security Research Labs reports on yet another malware masquerading as malware-removal.  It is so well done, to the extent that it at first mimics the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool. See for yourself how close it mimics the original:     


Fake Microsoft Software Removal Tool Recommending the Install of a Fake Anti Virus Program     

Then after it ‘scans’ your computer, it recommends ‘fake’ anti-virus software and if you were to download the ‘recommended’ Anti-Virus this is what you will see (which looks pretty well done):     

 Shield EC Antivirus – Fake Malware Removal Software     

2. BREDOLAB  is back but hidden in an e-mail that mimics ‘current’ topics, such as your DHL pickup, Amazon deliver, you name it, and with a nice ‘attachment’ that contains the ill-fated Bredolab.X Trojan Downloader as shown:        



Bredolab.X Trojan Downloader Hiding in an "Innocent" E-mail

 Bredolab.X Trojan Downloader Hiding in an “Innocent” E-mail     

3. The first Android Malware, which mimics a video player, while in fact sending out ‘premium’ SMS message at $5/message.  This malware was first reported by Kaspersky Labs (For further ideas on mobile security, check Julie’s post on this blog ) .  Again, look at how perfect it looks:     

Android Malware - Mimicking a "Fake" MoviePlayer

Android Malware - Mimicking a "Fake" MoviePlayer

 Android Malware – Mimicking a “Fake” MoviePlayer     

Well, we said it here first in “And it is not just the Antenna” …  Security is becoming a chronic issue and Enterprises or a Service Providers will need to consider “edge” security solutions  (which are typically transparent inline network traffic scanning solutions) – that will protect your end-users’ endpoint devices (PCs, mobile phones, etc.) from malware attacks, and in so doing protecting your endpoint devices and your network infrastructure from those sophisticated malwares, that are becoming harder and harder to detect.  So instead, you should be getting this:BeSecure Transparently Blocking Bredolab.X Malware  

BeSecure Transparently Blocking the download of a Trojan (TrojanDownloader:Win32Bredolab.X)  



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  1. PTZ DomeNo Gravatar says:

    A actually great submit by you my friend. We have bookmarked this page and will appear back following several days to examine for any new posts that you simply make.

  2. Terrific content, just what I had been seeking out.

  3. Candice MedinaNo Gravatar says:

    That’s a very scary virus. A malware! imagine that. I had a malware, a win32/sality virus and it was so hard to remove. It has corrupted my system file and I had no choice but to reformat my pc.

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