Help! I have been Moogled!

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Yes that’s right, I said it, Moogled: Malware Originating, Orchestrated Group Level Exchange.  A term coined by Wedge’s resident genius, the man responsible for the Hamster, Dr.Husam Kinawi. It started off harmless enough,  I had just finished reading an article by Brian Prince, entitled How Black Hat SEO Abuses Search Engines and had yelled across the hall to Dr.Kinawi with my concerns.

“I never knew Black Hats could manipulate SEO”, I shouted, completely flabbergasted.

 “Moogled” he bellowed “You’ve been Moogled.” Please note* this is generally how are conversations go. He yells, I yell, we both yell and then I scream for ice cream (yes I have a sweet tooth)*

 It is yet another example of how sophisticated Malware is becoming. These hackers are using the same tactics used to elevate how your company, organization, you, etc. shows up in the results listings of a search engine.  “Search Engine Optimization” is now being utilized to propagate malware through the online world straight to your network.  It makes sense once you start to think about it. I use SEO tactics to improve Wedge Networks’ listings online in order to reach out to more people.  Black Hats do the same, only with a malevolent purpose. Here is how they do it:

  • Use `invisible tags`
  • Put comments on blogs, postings, communities that propagate the malicious link
  • Link blogs, communities together with the same malicious links
  • Increase online use of the linked site so that it will pop up in search engines
  • Rogues AV- fake software updates


So BeWarned! The next time a Search engine serves you Malware, you know you’ve been Moogled.

(Check out Brians Blog:

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