Wedge Networks Inc. Announces Issuance of New Patent – U.S. Patent 11,349,852

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“Apparatus and Methods for Network-Based Line-Rate Detection of Unknown Malware”
U.S. Patent 11,349,852

This invention builds on Wedge’s previous network-based content inspection (NBCI) patent – USPTO#7,630,379. Specifically, the invention ascertains Wedge’s inventiveness and provides apparatus and methods for NBCI’s line-rate detection of Never-Before-Seen Malicious software, documents and/or websites – collectively known as malware.

31 May, 2022 – CALGARY, Alberta: Wedge Networks Inc. (Wedge), an innovation leader in intelligent real-time threat prevention, is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded its technology with U.S. Patent 11,349,852, ascertaining Wedge Network’s unique value proposition and innovation.

The digital world is now witnessing the resurgence of Never-Before-Seen Malware, be it custom or zero-day – malware that targets a vulnerability that is not publicly known, and for which a signature has not yet been developed. Because no signature exists for such custom or zero-day malware, it cannot be reliably detected by traditional signature-based detection techniques. On the other hand, behavioural-based analysis can reveal the malicious nature of custom or zero-day malware with thorough sandboxing – an approach where the network inspection is executed in an isolated virtual environment. However, the limitation is that such sandboxing analysis is typically not possible at network-line rates. Hence the critical challenge in preventing “never-before-seen malware” at network-line rates.

This patent provides a solution that effectively addresses this critical challenge. Implemented in WedgeARP™ (Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™) version 2.0 and above, it is available to all Wedge’s partners and customers.

“Conventional network security solutions cannot prevent the transmission of never-before-seen malware. Many of our industry peers resolve this by using non-real-time behaviour analysis approaches. However,  these  are  not  real-time,  leaving  ample  time  for  malware  to  cause  damages.”  said  Dr.  Hongwen Zhang, CEO and CTO of Wedge Networks.  “With the rapid growth of network bandwidth, driven by Cloud/Edge/Fog computing, smart infrastructures, and large adoption of high-speed network technologies such as 5G and last mile fibre connectivity, the importance of NBCI performance is be-coming increasingly paramount in the security and safety of our digital economy. As a pioneer in NBCI, Wedge has been focusing on solving this tough problem. The patent provides an effective framework for Wedge to work with our world class technology and threat intelligence partners to continuously push the leading edge of real-time threat prevention”

“Typically, with traditional security techniques, such custom and zero-day malware would be allowed into the network, while the sandboxing analysis – which could take minutes to hours – is being performed, allowing valuable network resources to be exposed to hackers and cyber criminals during such time. This is a triple whammy – first, once the sandboxing proves that malware was allowed, SoC and network operators will then have to embark on an expensive remediation and threat hunting exercise, trying to find the full impact of such malware. Second, even with such effort, the true impact of such attack might never be known, but then and third, sometimes the impacts of cyber-attack cannot be remedied: Think 5G Self driving vehicles, oil pipelines, or medical equipment.” added Dr. Husam Kinawi, Wedge’s Chief Scientist. “We have had this invention incorporated in our technology for the last couple of years. This patent however, ascertains our claim that we provide the only known line-rate Network-Based Line-Rate Detection of Unknown Malware.”

About Wedge Networks
Wedge Networks Inc. is a Real-Time Threat Prevention solutions company. Our innovation is a patented software platform that enables real-time security services rollout with strategic partners such as MSPs and OEMs. Wedge is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with international teams in the North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa regions. Today, Wedge’s products prevent advanced security threats for tens of millions of endpoints in enterprises, governments, and critical infrastructures spanning more than 22 countries.

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