Wedge Networks to Provide Advanced Real-time Security Leadership in CELTIC-NEXT Project on 5G-enabled Road Safety

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Wedge Networks, Inc., a Leader in Real-time Threat Prevention, Has Been Selected by the Consortium of CELTIC-NEXT Project 5G-SAFE-PLUS to Lead Cyber Security Efforts for CAV and Smart Transportation Safety Services and Chair the Canadian Cluster

CALGARY, Canada – June 30th, 2020 –   Wedge Networks, a global leader in Orchestrated Real-time Threat Prevention, today announced that it has joined the Consortium of CELTIC-NEXT project 5G-SAFE-PLUS to lead Cyber Security Efforts.  Real-time threat prevention is critical for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), smart infrastructure, smart cities, and the digital transformation of our economy.  Supported by the Government of Canada and EUREKA Cluster CELTIC-NEXT, a successful Pan-European RDI initiative in the ICT domain, the Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ (WedgeARP™) platform will provide the foundation for innovations in real-time threat prevention to secure 5G-Enabled road safety services, spanning from CAV to transportation services infrastructures.

CELTIC-NEXT project 5G-SAFE-PLUS focuses on smart transportation network safety measures.  It aims to prevent traffic accidents and avoid casualties by delivering 5G-enabled time-critical road safety services to vehicles; following the EU vision of reaching close to zero traffic casualties by 2050.  The project will support interoperability with CAVs, wide-scale implementation and usage of advanced road weather, road maintenance and road safety services with enhanced 5G networking capabilities and service enablers.  With 5G, smart transportation systems will be able to act in real-time.  However, this connectivity also increases the security attack surface, making cyber-attacks and malware intrusion a life-and-death issue.  Advanced real-time threat prevention will be a key deliverable in this project.  The overall solution and services will be piloted in test sites hosted by the partner countries.

“The 5G-SAFE-PLUS project contributes to the vision of EUREKA Cluster CELTIC-NEXT by making transport and mobility smarter, more secure, safer and greener,” says Christiane Reinsch, CELTIC-NEXT Programme Coordinator. “We welcome that Wedge Networks contributes to the cyber security and safety aspects of 5G-SAFE-PLUS.”

“We are inspired by the vision of the 5G-SAFE-PLUS consortium,” remarked Dr. Hongwen Zhang, Wedge Networks, CEO & CTO. “Wedge Networks’ mission is to provide real-time threat prevention for the cloud connected world. The Connected and Autonomous Vehicle and smart transportation industry is one of the largest industries that requires real-time security and safety. We are honored to lead the cyber security group and the Canadian cluster in this very important CELTIC-NEXT project consortium. We look forward to working with other members across Europe to realize the vision of zero traffic casualties by 2050.”

“The main objective of 5G-SAFE-PLUS is to show a way towards the deployment of commercially viable and accessible co-operative systems and 5G-enabled services that can be implemented in various environments and conditions,” states Pekka Eloranta, Senior Consultant at Sitowise Oy and Project Coordinator of 5G-SAFE-PLUS. “Wedge Networks’ vision and core competence in real-time threat prevention will greatly benefit this project.  Its role as the chair of the Canadian Cluster will also bring in innovations in advanced communications, auto manufacturing, smart transportation and smart cities, from Canada.“


The 5G-SAFE-PLUS project for “5G Enabled Road Safety Services” aims to prevent traffic accidents and avoid casualties by delivering 5G-enabled time-critical road safety services to vehicles. Here, accurate weather and road maintenance information plays a key role together with direct incident/accident event information. The project will support wide-scale implementation and usage of advanced road weather, road maintenance and road safety services with enhanced 5G networking capabilities and service enablers.

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CELTIC-NEXT is the EUREKA Cluster for next-generation communications enabling the digital society. CELTIC-NEXT stimulates and orchestrates international collaborative projects in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) domain. The CELTIC-NEXT programme includes a wide scope of ICT topics based on new high-performance communications networks supporting data-rich applications and advanced services, both in the ICT sector and across all vertical sectors. CELTIC-NEXT is labelled for 8 years from January 2019 until December 2026.

CELTIC-NEXT is an industry-driven initiative, involving all the major ICT industry players as well as many SMEs, service providers, and research institutions. The CELTIC-NEXT activities are open to all organisations that share the CELTIC-NEXT vision of an inclusive digital society and are willing to collaborate to their own benefit, aligned with their national priorities, to advance the development and uptake of advanced ICT solutions.

For more information about CELTIC-NEXT, visit:


EUREKA is an intergovernmental network launched in 1985, to support market-oriented R&D and innovation projects by industry, research centres and universities across all technological sectors. It is composed of 41 member states, including the European Union represented by the Commission and three associated states – Canada, South Africa and South Korea. With its flexible and decentralised network, EUREKA offers project partners rapid access to skills and expertise across Europe and national public and private funding schemes.

For more information about EUREKA, visit:

About Wedge Networks

Wedge Networks Inc. is a Real-Time Threat Prevention solutions company.  Its innovative technology platform, Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP™), is a software defined orchestrated network security system. Deployed in data centers by enterprises, governments,  and managed security service providers, WedgeARP™ inspects, detects, and blocks in real-time, malware and cyber threats (known, unknown and customized). Wedge does this through its patented Deep Content Inspection (DCI) technologies, combined with artificial intelligence and best-of-breed security functions.

Awarded a Gartner Cool Vendor designation, and twice bestowed with Build-In-Canada Innovation awards, Wedge Networks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with international teams in the North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and North Africa regions. 

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