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As organizations face increasing amounts of dynamic HTML5 content flowing through their networks, Wedge Networks, an innovator providing remediation-based Deep Content Inspection for high-performance, network-based Web security, today announced that its patented WedgeOS platform is the first in the industry to support, detect and mitigate against malware found in HTML5 specific content threats and the WebSocket protocol.

HTML5 provides a rich, responsive and standardized web application environment, enabling trends like mobile access and cloud-based applications. It is being rapidly adopted by organizations as web designers leverage the new protocols to create dynamic content to improve the overall end user experience. Fundamentally safer than previous versions, HTML5 however, does introduce new security challenges including unique malware channels using cross-site delivery/communication, broader Javascript capabilities and the WebSocket protocol. To take advantage of the benefits of HTML5 while maintaining security, organizations require solutions that first support the protocol, then use Deep Content Inspection techniques to understand and secure the content transferred through it.

The award-winning WedgeOS platform from Wedge Networks is the first platform to support and secure HTML5 content and protocols. In Wedge Network’s testing of leading Secure Web Gateways and Content Control devices, no other vendor was able to transmit HTML5 content and block viruses contained within. WedgeOS provides organizations with the ability to increase web security for existing and future protocols.

WedgeOS’ HTML5 security features are available immediately on all products and provide:

Advanced Protection

  • Security against sophisticated malware threats hidden in the high volumes of concurrent traffic brought on by HTML5.
  • Detection and remediation of both known and zero day threats, without impacting network performance.

Comprehensive Scanning

  • Effectively taking the end user out of the security equation with protection from threats on hijacked sites. Wherever they go, whatever they click on, they are scanned and secured.

Support of Dynamic Content

  • Inbound and outbound support for HTML5 content, over the performance-boosting WebSocket protocol.
  • A scalable, real-time solution that understands the intent of Data-in-Motion and provides remediation when necessary.


  • WedgeOS achieves line speed high performance scanning throughput, preventing bandwidth bottlenecks and end user latency; a new industry requirement for multiple concurrent sessions brought on by HTML5.

Supporting Quote:

Hongwen Zhang, president and CEO, Wedge Networks, said:

“HTML5 has created new, advanced protocols and codes, enhancing the content of today’s Internet, enabling greater incorporation of applications in the web browser and an overall richer web environment. WedgeOS secures the HTML5 content and protocols seamlessly, providing end users the ability to allow HTML5 websites and content into their organizations with the same security protection that applies to the rest of their network infrastructure.”

Supporting Resources:

For more information, including a video on HTML5 and the WedgeOS platform, visit the HTML5 section of our website.

Webinar: What every Security Professional Should Know about HTML5, January 26th, 2012 between 11:00am and 12:00pm MT with Wedge Networks Senior System Architect, Joe Bulman P. Eng. Click here to register.

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