Social Media: A Hacker’s Secret Weapon for Accessing Your Network

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The vast amount of Internet applications, Web services, and online social media outlets has quickly distorted the lines between corporate and personal usage, leading to an increase in malware outbreaks and data loss. Despite their functionality, services such as blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pose a yet-to-be-realized threat in the workplace.

Many organizations will label these social media sites as trusted Web sites based on their popularity, but this does not take into account user-generated content. Hackers exploit this primary weakness and manipulate users into downloading malicious content or viewing malicious sites through friend news feeds, status, or recommendations. A recent study by Kaspersky Labs indicates social networking sites are 10 times more effective at delivering malware than the previous popular methods of e-mail delivery.

Dr. Hongwen Zhang, President and CEO of Wedge Networks discusses how to let your organization take advantage of social media’s benefits as it safeguards policies and compliance in this article by Enterprise Systems Journal

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