Q&A: Preventing Mobile Vulnerabilities (an interview with Dr. Hongwen Zhang by ESJ.com)

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Best practices for keeping mobile devices safe.

By James Powell 06/21/2011 (Enterprise Strategies – ESJ.com)

When it comes to protecting mobile devices connected to enterprise resources, security managers face a dilemma: can security be enforced without negatively impacting productivity? To learn more about the state of mobile security, we turned to Dr. Hongwen Zhang, co-founder and chief executive officer at Wedge Networks and the co-inventor of his company’s WedgeOS security technology.

Enterprise Strategies: What unique challenges do mobile devices introduce into an environment?

Dr. Hongwen Zhang: I see four major challenges:
Mobile devices move in and out of the corporate perimeters, so perimeter-based defenses are not effective
These devices have zero or limited defense abilities; their primary design objectives are power consumption and portability, not security
They are easily stolen or lost, along with sensitive information and access tokens stored in them
It is very difficult to obtain a comprehensive audit trail for mobile devices because of the multiple service providers involved.

To read the whole interview, please visit esj.com HERE.

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