Gamania Secures On-Line Gamers Against Malware And Identity Theft

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CALGARY, AB. October 26, 2010 — Wedge Networks Inc. (Wedge), the technology leader in high performance web security solutions, announced today that its BeSecure Web Security appliance is the product of choice; providing the most accurate anti-malware security protection and the performance to handle network traffic demands for Gamania Digital Entertainment’s web-based game hosting and internal development IT infrastructure.

Gamania is one of the global leaders in web-based entertainment with millions of subscribers, and is dedicated to bringing the best experience in online gaming to its users. To ensure their online content is free from viruses, and to further ensure that gamers’ personal information is completely secure, Gamania deployed Wedge’s BeSecure appliances within its network.

“Gamania puts IT security as its top priority“, says Jackal Huang, Manager of the Corporate Information Security Department. “When the game operations are infested with malware, it causes our game servers and networks to act abnormally. Every single second of service downtime means lost revenue for us. When we are attacked, the virtual weapons / tools and user account information can be leaked. These virtual weapons / tools are the most precious assets of our game players. From the player’s point of view, they are priceless.”

As one of the world’s largest online digital entertainment companies, Gamania’s business depends on maintaining subscribers’ confidence in the company’s ability to deliver terrific products and services through the web without having to worry about viruses and malware.

“As a leader in the global online entertainment industry Gamania is very sophisticated in its approach to IT Security,” said Dr. Hongwen Zhang, Founder and CEO of Wedge Networks. “We take pride in the fact that Wedge is playing a role in ensuring that millions of Gamania’s customers can experience the best in online entertainment, and can be secure while doing so.”

According to Jackal Huang the BeSecure hits his three key components of accuracy, ease of use, and cost effectiveness:

1. The BeSecure’s ability to utilize and scan against the full embedded Kaspersky malware signature database with little to no performance loss (other solutions are only able to use portions of the database or face succumbing to performance degradation) makes it by far the most accurate anti-malware appliance available, which is key in protecting the high-bandwidth network that Gamania utilizes.

2. The BeSecure is simple and easy to manage: the configurations are very simple to use. No complex configurations were required to deploy the appliances and there was no need to change any of Gamania’s network configurations.

3. It is very cost effective: compared with similar products in the market, the BeSecure, with its powerful WedgeOS Deep Content Inspection Engine, has the best performance and accuracy in protecting networks from viruses and malware. We do not have to worry about inadequate capacity and the need to continuously upgrade.

“There are more and more malicious websites these days. They are the main source of infections,” explained Jackal Huang. “If we were to remove the Wedge BeSecure, our online operations would face substantially significant increased risk and large costs to protect against this risk.”

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