Mobile Security Awareness on the Rise… Finally

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BBC released a report this week which highlighted the ease of creating and implementing malicious code on a Smartphone. Mark Ward, BBC Technology Correspondent, self admitted programming novice and Tyler Shields a developer from Veracode teamed up to create a basic game that would steal contact information, private text messages , location information and then send it to a specific e-mail address.

Here is the scary part; the spyware took up 250 lines of the 1500 line program, were all legitimate programming and were hard to detect from official programs as mobiles are constantly accessing sensitive information.

With information such as this, it will only be a matter of time before Mobile Security becomes the next big thing. Or is it only a matter of time before we realize it IS the big thing?

Mobile security issues are becoming more apparent as Smartphone users are beginning to understanding how quickly and easily their personal information can be stolen from the very device they use on an intimate level everyday. From day planners, to passwords, to private conversations, Smartphones hold a goldmine of information for hackers looking to make bank.

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