Wedge Networks Orchestrates AI at the Network Level to Revolutionize Malware Prevention

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Breakthrough innovation from Wedge blocks advanced threats in real-time that other systems do not, and provides actionable threat intelligence

CALGARY Sept. 22, 2016—Wedge Networks, the leader in real-time network threat prevention, today announced a disruptive new weapon in the battle to prevent ransomware, zero day attacks and other advanced threats from entering networks, with actionable threat intelligence to maximize threat mitigation.

The newly released Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker™ (WedgeAMB™) is the first product in the Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™(WedgeARP) series of enterprise solutions. The WedgeARP™ series provides fully self-contained, security platforms in the form of virtual machines or appliances that orchestrate Wedge’s industry leading real-time hyper-inspection engines in concert with the best available security technologies to provide superior security solutions.

WedgeAMB illustrates this model by orchestrating Cylance’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology and other technologies to detect and block viruses and advanced malware, such as ransomware, at the network level, to prevent them from entering enterprise networks. Orchestrating Wedge’s patented hyper-inspection technology with Cylance’s machine-learning engine and WedgeIQ™ threat analytics, WedgeAMB provides a critically needed break-through in malware prevention.

Threats are blocked in real-time, eliminating the cost, disruption, effort and embarrassment associated with tackling threats after they’ve penetrated the network. It also provides real-time visibility of the network-wide threat landscape, empowering security personnel to identify and focus on the most critical risks first.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ransomware is on the rise in 2016. Advanced malware and ransomware attacks account for millions of dollars in lost productivity and theft by cybercriminals operating on a global basis to exploit endpoint devices with increasing levels of sophistication.

“We live in an age where collaboration and embracing the innovation of others is key to providing the best possible security solutions available,” said James Hamilton, CEO of Wedge Networks. “We’ve developed the industry’s highest performing real-time hyper-inspection and orchestration engine. Orchestrating that functionality in concert with other best-in-class technologies enables the most effective threat prevention available, with superior performance and scale. That’s what the WedgeARP series is all about – orchestrating the industry’s best security technologies and joining forces in the fight against cybercrime.”

WedgeAMB Customer Benefits:

  • Proven reduction of business disruption, dollar losses, and reputation damage by blocking threats in real-time that other systems do not
  • Protecting all network connected endpoints automatically, without configuration
  • Reducing restrictions on BYOD and IoT devices for improved productivity
  • Providing security personnel with clear and actionable network-wide threat intelligence to prioritize resources on the most critical threats

“Security teams worldwide need integrated tools to provide next-generation protection from today’s ever-increasing cyber attacks,” said Stuart McClure, president and CEO at Cylance Inc. “Together, WedgeAMB with the Cylance machine-learning engine delivers a one-two punch, intercepting malware at the perimeter as well as on the endpoint.”

WedgeAMB bundles in WedgeIQ, an automated threat intelligence engine that rolls up threat event data from enterprise-wide AMB systems to characterize, correlate, analyze and visualize the network-wide threat landscape. This comprehensive, yet intuitive threat analytics resource provides actionable threat intelligence to further mitigate evolving threats in real-time.

The WedgeARP series repackages Wedge’s highly successful Cloud Network Defense™ (WedgeCND) cloud-based systems into application specific virtual machine or appliance-based solutions for distribution through channel partners, focused on enterprise customers.

More About WedgeAMB

  • Quad-Scan™ anti-malware engines conduct IPS, signature, heuristic, and AI-based scans provide the highest real-time threat detection accuracy in the industry
  • The first in the WedgeARP series, championing a collaborative approach to cyber security by combining the industry’s leading security solutions
  • Patented WedgeSO™ hyper-inspection and orchestration engine facilitates these scans with SSL inspection, at line rate speeds, with imperceptible latency
  • WedgeIQ™ analyzes threat data to create intuitive visualizations for actionable threat intelligence
  • Available in 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps versions
  • Deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or as a pre-configures X86-based appliance

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About Wedge

Wedge Networks™ is revolutionizing real-time network security with cutting edge innovation, performance, and scale. Embracing global innovation, Wedge’s Cloud Network Defense™ (WedgeCND™) and Absolute Real-Time Protection (WedgeARP™) Series of products integrate and orchestrate the industry’s highest performance security inspection and mediation engines with best-in-class security technologies developed by Wedge and third parties. Purpose-built as fully virtualized security systems, these products can be deployed in the form of x86 appliances, virtual machines, or cloud application software. Today, these industry-leading solutions block security threats for tens of millions of end users in enterprise, service provider, government agency, and security-as-a-service networks spanning more than 17 countries.

Wedge Networks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with international offices in Dallas, USA; and Manama, Bahrain. Visit for more information

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