Wedge Networks Enriches Industry Leading Asymmetric Web Filtering Solution With Value-Added Services For Internet Compliance

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Disruptive Solution Enables Internet Service Providers to Achieve Compliance and Offer Value-Added Services While Reducing Solution Footprint by a Factor of 10

SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 29, 2016 — From the RSA 2016 show in San Francisco, California, Wedge Networks, the leader in orchestrated threat management, today extended its solution offering to enable value-added services in conjunction with its market leading Web filtering solution. Web Filtering for Internet compliance can be implemented with Wedge Cloud Network Defense (CND), using an Asymmetric filtering technique that compared to traditional techniques requires as little as ten percent of the footprint to achieve compliance.

“Internet traffic continues to grow at a rapid pace, with some of our customers’ reporting that traffic levels across their networks are doubling every twelve to eighteen months”, said James Hamilton, recently appointed CEO of Wedge Networks, Inc. “Wedge CND enables them to achieve regulatory compliance, and offer their customers the choice of a more customized internet experience, while reducing the solution footprint, complexity and cost.”

Conventional proxy-based Web filtering systems require both the outbound Universal Resource Locator (URL) web page request, which accounts for typically ten to fifteen percent of HTTP/HTTPS traffic, and the inbound web page reply, which accounts for the remaining eighty-five to ninety percent of traffic. Wedge CND’s Asymmetric Web filtering technique scans only the outbound URL requests and blocks requests for unapproved URLs and categories of URLs, to enforce compliance requirement before the request reaches the internet. This approach has a corresponding reduction in the scale of Web filtering equipment that must be procured, installed, powered, cooled, routinely updated, and otherwise maintained for dramatic capital and operational expense reductions. The reduction in equipment and operational complexity positions Wedge CND’s Asymmetric Web Filtering system as the platform of choice for Internet Compliance applications.

Wedge CND’s latest system release introduces support for multi-services policies, enabling service providers to offer personalized, value-added Web filtering and security services to meet the diverse needs of government agencies, enterprises, schools and residential consumers. Wedge CND’s industry leading support for multi-services with multi-tenancy allows network operators to extend Web filtering administrative domains to their internal and end-user ISP customers, so they may self select and modify criteria from an available selection of value-added security services.

The Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ (CND)
Wedge Networks has developed a revolutionary cloud-based, network security platform called Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ (CND). This industry leading security platform can be implemented in a virtualized or a cloud compute environment to provide advanced network security applications such as web filtering, anti-malware, anti-spam, data loss prevention, mobile security, application control, server security, application filtering and more, with unrivaled scale, performance, and service agility. Applications such as Web Filtering and others can also be supported with Wedge CND’s security mediation system called WedgeOS™. This system can alternatively be packaged as a more conventional security appliance, or a virtual instance, with the Web Filtering application and Wedge’s patented Deep Inspection engines, providing superior web filtering accuracy with imperceptible latency.

Media briefing opportunity: Wedge Networks will be at RSA from 29 February – 4 March and will be available for briefings at the Ontario Government booth, number N4329 North Expo. Wedge Networks CEO James Hamilton who is widely recognized as one of the cybersecurity industry’s most respected and influential leaders will be presenting at the AGC conference Information Security and Broader Security Conference on February 29th from 9:15-9:30am at the Westin, St. Francis – Union Square, San Francisco. To arrange a briefing with Wedge Networks please contact:

About Wedge
Wedge Networks™ is transforming the way security is delivered. Powered by the innovative WedgeOS™, Wedge Networks’ Cloud Network Defense is an orchestrated threat management platform designed to combat the shifting threat landscape associated with cloud, mobility, bring your own device, Internet of Things and consumerization of IT. By applying security policies at the cloud-layer, enterprises and network operators offering security-as-a-service can achieve more effective security, using best-in-class, continuously updated multi-vendor technologies for EverGreen Security™, with greater efficiency and scale. The award winning Wedge Platform is deployed globally, delivering security protection for tens of millions of users in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, internet and broadband service providers, and across all industry verticals. Wedge Networks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has international offices in Dallas, USA; Beijing, China; and Manama, Bahrain. For further information visit:

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