Yes, Virginia, NFV Services Can Be Testable, Scalable and Predictable

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By Alan Zeichick, NetworkWorld, April 28, 2015

“A year is a long time in this business, and it’s great that NFV software embedded in a software-defined network has moved from ‘by golly, it works!’ proof-of-concept to a hard-driving test that shows reliable performance under load.

One of the coolest demonstrations at the RSA Conference in San Francisco was of a network functions virtualization (NFV)-based firewall and Deep Content Inspection engine embedded into the software-defined networking (SDN) control plane of a heavily laden network. The firewall/DCI engine filtered content and blocked SQL injection attacks in real time, without slowing down the simulated network.

The OpenStack-based testbed was created and run by Spirent, a Southern California firm well known for its network testing platform. The security firm with the firewall and DCI engine was Wedge Networks, a Canadian company that’s focused on the cloud.

The testbed validated the ability of WedgeOS – Wedge’s virtualized firewall and Deep Content Inspector – to block identified content in the OpenStack-based virtual environment.”

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