The Internet of Things is Here – But We Can’t Trust the Things

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Wedge CEO, Dr. Hongwen Zhang’s article is featured at

“The Internet of Things needs secure network services through SDN and NFV – because nobody can secure the things. Even if we try, we can’t keep the things (better known as endpoints) secured. There are far too many mobile and wireless devices with an incredible variety of operating systems and hardware configurations. There are too many last-mile networks, from the enterprise Wi-Fi to the coffee shop to the home to the playground. There are too many data centres, too many APIs. There are no borders. There is no trust – and there can’t be trust.

The things cannot be secured. The best hope for preserving end-user privacy, for ensuring data integrity and for protecting devices against intrusions and corruption, is software-defined networking. And more than that, layered on top of SDN, security implemented via network functions virtualization.”

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