Software Defined Networks + Security = Cloud Innovation

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March 10, 2015 – TMC News (Staff Writer)

Software Defined Networks + Security = Cloud Innovation. The mind often boggles when thinking about innovation in the cloud. The cloud, after all, enables everything from mobile gaming to business computing, and the players behind the cloud are involved in data centers, infrastructure, networking, wireless, software development, and more. As we think about the Clouded Leopards Den 2015 cloud innovation price, let’s ponder one great example of a cloud innovator: Wedge Networks.

Wedge Networks is all about security, with a focus on service providers like Internet service providers, cloud hosting companies, and even large enterprises.

The heart of the company’s offerings is WedgeOS, a Deep Content Inspector security platform that can provide real-time object-level analysis of network traffic. With WedgeOS, not only can the individual parts of an individual network packet be thoroughly analyzed for threats, but the higher-level digital objects carried over many network packets can also be recognized and handled. In other words, WedgeOS can be used to block network malware, enable data loss prevention, implement anti-spam systems, load up a firewall, provision security policies, and more.

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