Bring Your Own Key: The next big thing?

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Wedge CEO, Dr. Hongwen Zhang, is quoted in Davey Winder’s article “Bring Your Own Key: The next big thing?” published on CloudPro, November 14, 2013.  In the article, Mr. Winder writes “Forget BYOD, or even the much hyped BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud), the hot ticket in cloud buzzwords might have changed to BYOK.”


“Most of the IT security experts I spoke to, such as Dr. Hongwen Zhang who as well as being CEO of Wedge Networks is a member of the CoudEthernet Forum responsible for spearheading its security initiative, are encouraged by the Thales/Microsoft development.  However, there are other issues facing companies when it comes to asset protection in the cloud that are shared by the industry.

Zhang, for example, worries that security quite often goes against convenience.  “Collaboration among web services is a key aspect of cloud computing.  It is time for the key players to establish a standard on cloud data encryption so that security and interoperability can both be achieved.” he warns.”

For the full article, please visit CloudPro.


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