Wedge Networks Breaks Performance Barriers With The Industry’s First 10Gbps Deep Content Inspection Platform For Cloud And Telco Edge Applications

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Leader in Web Security Unveils BeSecure 2080 a 10 Gigabit Throughput DCI Appliance

CALGARY, AB. July 28, 2010 – Wedge Networks Inc. (Wedge), the leader in high performance network-based web security solutions, announced today, the World’s first 10 Gigabit per second Deep Content Inspection Platform, the BeSecure NDP-2080. Pushing the performance and accuracy boundaries for network inspection and integration, the BeSecure NDP-2080 is purpose- built for Service Providers and Telcos.

Wedge Networks is again leading the industry by delivering a performance powerhouse combining the NDP-2080 hardware with Wedge’s patented SubSonic Engine technology, allowing for a solution that can truly handle the requirements for high bandwidth networks.

With the NDP-2080 driving the performance, Wedge’s Deep Content Inspection-based solutions, which use comprehensive signatures that span both mobile and fixed devices, heuristics and reputation-based databases, provide the industry’s highest accuracy in malware detection. The BeSecure 2080 truly shatters the industry misconception that Deep Content Inspection is not suitable for Telco and ISP networks because of the latency introduced. With Wedge’s new flagship product, these high bandwidth providers now have a viable security solution.

“Network performance is critical. Devices that provide security services need to be able to keep up with the networks they are installed in. Wedge is committed to providing constant innovation to maintain its performance leadership in Deep Content Inspection.” said Dr. Hongwen Zhang, President and CEO of Wedge Networks. “The BeSecure 2080 has been developed to provide our customers with a robust, high performing, high accuracy solution that looks to fulfill network security requirements into the future but that is available today.”

Key technical features of the BeSecure 2080 include:
• Enhanced multi-CPU/multi-core support using Intel’s new generation of Nehalem six (6) core processors with real-time scheduling to deliver high performance and robustness for deep content inspection functions;
• Optimized network stack to support sustained 10Gbps throughput of content-inspected traffic with sub-millisecond latencies;
• Standards-based (IEEE 802.3ad) network integration to support aggregation of 1Gbps trunks for Telco-edge or cloud services deployments
• Stealth routing to enable plug & play network integration allowing for lower total cost of ownership (TCO);
• New OWASP-10 Malware Threat Detection for Server Farm Protection;
• SubSonic patented optimization algorithms for content recognition technology which delivers 30 times performance improvement over conventional approaches;
• Industry’s highest accuracy in malware detection using comprehensive signatures that span both mobile and fixed devices, heuristics and reputation-based databases.

With great interest expressed by early adopter customers, Wedge is now taking pre-orders on its new flagship NDP-2080 product. For information on the BeSecure 2080 and other Wedge products, visit:

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